Banned hijab in Nigeria

A prominent Muslim group in Nigeria welcomed a court ruling that lifted the ban on women wearing hijab at the Lagos state government school.

The Muslim group of Muslims in Nigeria, Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, declared the appeals court's decision in Lagos as a triumph of the rule of law.

The judge said the ban violated the religious rights of Muslim women, which meant abrogating lower court decisions.

Women are forbidden to wear veils or hijabs because they are not part of the school uniform.

But the state government still has not commented on whether to accept a decision or appeal to the Supreme Court.

The population of Nigeria is evenly divided between Muslims and Christians and in general each group is a faithful believer.

The majority of Muslims live in the north while Christians are mostly in the south but residents in Lagos state are a mixture of both.

In June, the Supreme Court in Osun state lifted the ban on Muslim women wearing the hijab.

This has led to religious tension in the region and some Christian men respond with demands to be allowed to wear church robes to school.
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