Baby Magic Nigeria, Born brings the Qur'an

In May last year, Nigeria was shocked by the news of a baby born of a Christian family who was born in the grasp of a Qur'anic mushaf of the Qur'an in his hand. As reported by the online Republika citing the Pmnewsnigeria daily, it was mentioned that the baby was born at 112 Olateju Street, Mushin, Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria on May 7, 2012. When out of his mother's womb, the baby carried a small Mushaf in his hand.

Knowing it is the mother and grandmother of the true Christian baby immediately pronounced two sentences of the creed and declared themselves converted to Islam. The birth of the baby also sank the attention of the scholars in the black continent. The scholars in Nigeria gathered to give the baby a name. After delivering a short talk, a Nigerian scholar, Ustad Abdul Rahman Olanrewaju Ahmed, named the baby Abdul Wahab Iyanda Aderemi Irawo.
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