The fact of Islam in Nigeria

About 85,000,000 Nigerian residents are Muslim, about 50% of Nigeria's population, when compared to Christians representing about 50% of the population. [1] [2] [3] Muslims in Nigeria are predominantly Sunni Maliki schools, which is also a Shariah law governance. However, there are significant Shia minorities, especially in the Sokoto State (see Shia in Nigeria). A small minority follows the Ahmadiyya, a nineteenth-century dormitory sect of India. In a special Pew Forum on religious diversity it identifies 12% as Shia while 3% as Ahmadiyya. [4]

Islam came to northern Nigeria in the early 9th century AD, and was accepted in the Kanem-Bornu Empire during the reign of Humme Jilmi. This religion had spread to the major cities of the northern part of the country in the 16th century, then moved into the countryside and towards the Central Highlands of Beluk.
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